Spuds Royale

About Us

Spuds Royale is a South Australian business that puts family at the centre and focus of our values.

Our company is passionate about bringing the delicious comfort of the traditional “Baked Potato” from “farm to plate” into Australian homes.

Spuds Royale hand roasted potatoes are harvested from South Australian Virginia Farm Produce, topped with traditionally made sauces and other delectable toppings. Our products are crafted with 100% natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, by a family of chefs who have had a passion for food for over 20 years.

The gluten free Spuds Royale range of four delicious spuds ensures that there is a spud for everyone, taking you on a journey that represents our history and passion for high quality home-made food!

” From our family to yours – make any meal a SPUDS meal. Join us in this journey as you bring home fresh, delicious, convenient and healthy baked potatoes for you and those that mean the most to you! “


Italian tomatoes, vegetables, marinated slow roast beef & pork

Bolognese Sauce


Bacon, leek, mushroom, garlic, infused truffle oil & cream

Carbonara Supreme
Chilli Con Carne


Braised beef, black bean, corn, capsicum salsa & cheese

Vegetore Sauce


Spanish onion, garlic, basil, olive oil, capsicum, mushroom & Napolitano sauce

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